Fun Finds & Gift Ideas – December Edition

Fun Finds and Gift Ideas (December Edition) |


I hope you enjoyed my November Fun Finds & Gift Ideas! Another great month of some fun finds and great gift ideas just in time for Christmas and the holiday season! Do you have any fun gift ideas or products you love? Let me know!

Hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner. We are still shopping and getting ready here. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! We just got Amazon Prime this year (yes, I realize we are the last ones to get it) and loving it! It certainly has come in handy since I’ve been so last minute with everything lately.

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December Fun Finds & Gift Ideas |

Here are December’s five fun finds and gift ideas that I put together. I haven’t tried all of these products, but they all seemed to get good reviews, not to mention I thought you’d enjoy! All are also available on Amazon so if you have Amazon Prime you can get some of these in 2 days. haha!

  • Retro Stirring Popcorn Popper – Remember all those old popcorn poppers before everyone started using microwave popcorn? How cute is this one?!
  • Colored Smencils – My kids had these when they were younger and loved them! They are colored pencils that also have fun scents like Cupcake, Strawberry, etc.
  • ChopStir – Helps cook ground meat, stir/chop fruit, etc. Putting this one on my Christmas list!
  • Fondue Set – This would be a lot of fun with friends and family for the holidays. Reasonably priced and great reviews.
  • Caution Sign – Having a New Year’s Eve party? This sign would be fun to put on your front door or party room!



Sharing one of my favorite products I received this month and I think you’re going to love it!

December Fun Finds (Bibigo) |

Bibigo – Loved trying these fun Korean products including the Mayo Sauce, Korean BBQ Sauce, and more! My kids even loved them. Can’t wait to try their other products like their dumplings and potstickers.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year friends!

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