Peaches & Vanilla Cream Smoothie

This Peaches & Vanilla Cream Smoothie recipe is a perfect transition recipe from summer right into fall.  Technically, it’s still summer, but I know many of you are moving on to fall.  Our grocery store still has a lot of delicious peaches on the shelves so I couldn’t resist buying a bunch.  This smoothie is… [read more]

Yogurt Broccoli Salad

Easy Yogurt Broccoli Salad recipe for you today! If you saw my Pineapple Teriyaki Pork Cutlets last week you may have noticed the broccoli salad next to it.  I received some emails asking for the recipes, so here you go! Most broccoli salads use mayonnaise, but I thought I’d change it up a bit and… [read more]

Bananas Foster Popsicles

These Bananas Foster Popsicles are full of your favorite Bananas Foster flavors, and easy to make thanks to my KitchenAid blender!  Only take minutes to prepare but unfortunately you do have to wait a few hours for the popsicles to freeze.  If you’re not familiar with Bananas Foster it’s a popular ice cream dessert from… [read more]