How to Make

Teriyaki Marinade


1)  Soy Sauce

2)  Worcestershire Sauce

3)  Pineapple Juice

4)  Vegetable Oil

5)  Sugar



To use as a marinade, place meat in a resealable bag, cover with marinade, seal bag and marinate for desired amount of time.

Whisk all the ingredients together or place all in a mason jar, seal, and shake until well combined.

Great for Steak!


Depending on your cut of meat, the time needed to marinate could vary.

Snappy Tips:

We like to use this for flank steak or skirt steak and marinate overnight.

 Instead of pineapple juice you could use more water or orange juice. Instead of vegetable oil you could use canola oil.

Awesome on Chicken!

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