Easy Chocolate Pops Recipe

Easy Chocolate Pops, how to make fun DIY Valentine’s Day lollipops! A kid-friendly recipe that is so easy the kids can make these chocolate lollipops themselves! These DIY Easy Chocolate Pops are so easy that I almost feel silly including a recipe for them! However, my kids have been home for two snow days now, so it’s… [read more]

Friday Fab 5: Chocolate Cocktail Recipes

Happy Friday! Five of the best Chocolate Cocktail recipes for your holiday parties! I think I’d make them all into mini versions so I could enjoy them all!

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes – Valentine’s Day Dessert!

I came up with these “His & Hers” Valentine’s Day Chocolate Stout Cupcakes as I was thinking about a Valentine’s Day dessert.  I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan, but I’m all for an excuse to make something with chocolate!  Since my husband would much rather a beer, I thought I’d combine the two!  If… [read more]