Friday Fab 5: New Year’s Champagne Recipes

New Year’s Champagne recipes for you today from various food bloggers. You can never have too many cocktail options for New Year’s Eve, right? Give these cocktails a try and let me know what you think. But please remember, do not drink and drive or let anyone else! I want everyone to have a wonderful… [read more]

Friday Fab 5: Champagne Recipes

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day with your family! Since New Year’s Eve is next week, I thought you may enjoy five creative Champagne recipes! Some fun ideas for the best New Year’s party!

Champagne Chicken & Mushroom Pasta

Champagne Chicken & Mushroom Pasta, the best New Year’s eve or special occasion dinner recipe with chicken, champagne, mushrooms, and pasta! Champagne Chicken & Mushroom Pasta recipe, an easy dinner great for New Year’s Eve or anytime of year for a special night! My Champagne Chicken & Mushroom Pasta recipe was inspired by some leftover… [read more]