Interview: Lorena from Green Healthy Cooking

Food Blogger Interview: Lorena from Green Healthy Cooking

A great food blogger interview for you today! Lorena from Green Healthy Cooking is sharing her favorite tips and recipes! Check out her site and say “hello”!

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
My name is Lorena and I am German Peruvian. I was born in Germany and raised by my Peruvian mother and German father who both were and still are extraordinary cooks. They taught me ever since I could stand on a step stool all by myself in order to reach the kitchen counter.

I am married to a food-loving Mexican and together with our two kids (one born in Mexico, one born in London, UK) we travel the world. “Home” is where we are together and where we eat what I cook :)
Before becoming a food blogger I worked mainly as a translator in different international companies, I graduated from university with a masters degree in translation which still is very useful now that we move country so often. Food and cooking have always been a huge passion though and I am so thrilled to be able to dedicate all my effort into exactly that now!

Can you tell me a little bit about your blog?
I started blogging a little over a year ago. I had already been following several food blogs over many years and always wondered if that was a difficult thing to do. All my energy was consumed by my two babies once I had them, so I couldn’t even wrap my head around taking on another “job”. When the kids were a little older and gave me a little more room I started posting pictures of what we ate at home on Facebook. Looking back, those were pretty crappy pictures, taken in the dark kitchen with incandescent light, but my friends seemed to like my posts and whenever I didn’t post anything they would ask: “What was for dinner today? I need inspiration”. I realized that this whole blog thing could really work for me. I’ve always been into healthy eating and nutrition and many friends seemed to be interested in listening to what I had to say and kept saying I should post more recipe ideas for inspiration. I didn’t feel very comfortable starting the blog mainly because of the technical part. My husband helped me out at the beginning finding a host and free theme and he even helped take the first 6 or 7 photos because I didn’t even know how to turn on our DSLR camera (*shame*). Soon we both noticed though that this project had to be run entirely by me because he was working crazy hours back when I started. I simply couldn’t expect from him to help me out after a 70 hour work week. So, I joined FoodBloggerPro, a website with video tutorials about everything food blogging related, and was thus able to dive into many of the technical things associated with running a blog. I redesigned my blog and I even coded (YES! ME!) a couple of things here and there that I wanted different in my theme. I learned how to manipulate that camera with the million buttons to take the pictures I wanted and then super deep dived into food photography. Tadaaaa: Green Healthy Cooking was born and started to coo and is currently crawling and will hopefully soon be pulling up on furniture ;)

What do you like most about blogging? What do you NOT like about blogging?
I love love love food photography. I cannot believe how uninterested I was in photography before. My husband was the one taking the pictures of the kids and I just never had the need to take a camera into my hands. I didn’t even have a smart phone with camera until 2 years ago, so I pretty much NEVER took a single picture of anything. It wasn’t until I was “forced” to take my own food photos (because as mentioned above, I couldn’t expect my husband to take photos and edit them before having dinner at 11 pm), that I started to learn. It was incredibly frustrating at first. Why are my pictures so blurry? Why does the plate look like it’s gonna fall off the table? Why are the colors of the food not the way I see them with my eyes? Why are my photos overexposed and completely burnt out or underexposed and dark. Argh! First of all I obviously watched all the videos on FoodBloggerPro about that topic and that helped a lot at the beginning stages. Then, I read every article I could get my hands on. I studied food photos that I liked pixel by pixel. What angle were those photos shot, where does the light come in, where are the shadows? What props were used, how were the photos styled. EVERYTHING! Now I am expanding my research and studying other photographers. Landscape, portrait, social photographers, black and white photos etc. etc. I still have soooo much to learn and I love it!!

I don’t like social media marketing. It is so time consuming and so uncreative and so….ugh! I wish I was rich or my blog earned enough to hire someone to do all that for me. That will definitely be the first thing I will do once I can afford it. Someone to handle Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram and whatever else pops up in the future.

What would be one tip you would give to someone who was thinking about starting a blog?
Be aware it’s about 10 times harder than you thought it would be but also about 10 times more fun than you thought :)

What are some of your favorite recipes you’ve created?
These are not my most popular recipes but definitely my favorite. I loved to cook/bake these, eat these and especially photograph these :)

Simple Pear Tart
Food Blogger Interview: Lorena from Green Healthy Cooking



Creamy Polenta with Ratatouille
Food Blogger Interview: Lorena from Green Healthy Cooking



German Bread Seele
Food Blogger Interview: Lorena from Green Healthy Cooking

Where do you get ideas for your new recipes?
My weekly produce box and Pinterest.

Where do you see you and your blog 5 years from now?
Running Toddler!!!

Speed round….first thing that pops into your head!

Favorite cookbook (other than your own if you have one):
Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest is currently writing it ;)

Favorite food:
Spicy Food

Chocolate or vanilla:

Ketchup or mustard:

Coffee or tea:

Favorite vegetable:
All the green ones

Typical breakfast:

Favorite seasoning or herb:

Special thanks to Lorena Grater!! Be sure to visit Green Healthy Cooking! You can also check Lorena Grater out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, and Instagram.

(Photos have been posted with permission. All photos are property of Green Healthy Cooking)


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