Friday Fab 5: Chicken Wings

Time for 5 great chicken wings recipes! Great way to start a Friday don’t you think? Hard to believe for as much as I love chicken wings I haven’t shared any of my own recipes. I need to work on that! But in the meantime check out these fabulous chicken wings!

Friday Fab 5: St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Five St. Patrick’s Day recipes for you today. Some authentic recipes, some green recipes just for fun! Do you do anything for St. Patrick’s Day? Have a greet weekend friends!

Friday Fab 5: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Recipes

Chocolate and peanut butter recipes are my favorite! You can never have too much chocolate and peanut butter, right? Or is it just me? :) Here are 5 fabulous Chocolate and Peanut Butter recipes from some of my fave food bloggers and I. I’m sure I’ll have more new chocolate and peanut butter recipes on… [read more]