Caramel Nut Pumpkintini

caramel nut pumpkintini

Today I’m helping out a fellow food blogger.  If you haven’t read Donna’s incredible story at Cookistry, check it out.  She’s had a rough couple of months while her husband has been in the hospital.  The food blogging community has been coming together and has been helping her out as much as we can by doing some guest posts for her to post on her blog so she can concentrate and herself and her husband during this difficult time.  … [read more]

Peaches & Vanilla Cream Smoothie

Peaches & Vanilla Cream Smoothie

This Peaches & Vanilla Cream Smoothie is a perfect transition recipe from summer right into fall.  Technically, it’s still summer, but I know many of you are moving on to fall.  Our grocery store still has a lot of delicious peaches on the shelves so I couldn’t resist buying a bunch.  This smoothie is perfect for breakfast, afternoon snack, or top it with a little whipped cream for a delicious dessert!… [read more]

Mexican Hot Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Welcome to cookie #4 of my holiday cookiepalooza! Today’s cookie is my Mexican Hot Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. These cookies are one of my favorites and full of dark chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, almonds, and cajeta (caramel).  I used my homemade cajeta, but you can use store-bought or a thick caramel. If you’re new to Snappy Gourmet, I’ve been taking the dough from my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and using it to make different kinds of cookies.  So easy taking one dough and making a variety of cookies!   I’m all for saving time especially this time of year! These Mexican Hot Chocolate Sandwich Cookies are also great if you just want drop cookies and don’t want to make them into “sandwiches” with a filling.  Hope you enjoy them!

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