Best Zucchini Recipes – 70+ of the best summer zucchini recipes

The best zucchini recipes to enjoy all that summer zucchini! I gathered up some of my favorite zucchini recipes from my food blogging friends (with their permission of course…) to inspire me to cook more with zucchini this summer. Lots of great zucchini recipes including cakes, cookies, fries, casseroles, muffins, breads, zoodles, and more! 

Friday Fab 5: Sandwiches

Five easy PICNIC SANDWICH RECIPES for summer picnics and lunches! What kind of summer sandwiches do you like? I love fresh summer veggies in my sandwiches! Hope you enjoy!

Friday Fab 5: Pasta Salads

Summer is in full swing so just in time for these five fabulous and easy PASTA SALAD RECIPES to enjoy! Some of the best side dishes for your BBQs and summer parties!