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Friday Fab 5: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Recipes

Friday Fab 5: Chocolate & Peanut Butter |

Chocolate and peanut butter recipes are my favorite! You can never have too much chocolate and peanut butter, right? Or is it just me? Here are 5 fabulous Chocolate and Peanut Butter recipes from some of my fave food bloggers and I. I’m sure I’ll have more new chocolate and peanut butter recipes on the… [read more]

Friday Fab 5: Valentine’s Day Treats

Friday Fab 5: Valentine's Day |

Valentine’s Day treats for you today! Valentine’s Day is coming up fast! Are you doing anything special? I like to make heart shaped food for my kids although they’re probably getting a little too big for that. How about trying one of these heart shaped Valentine’s Day treats for your loved ones? Here are 5… [read more]

Friday Fab 5: Super Bowl Snacks

Friday Fab 5: Super Bowl Snacks |

Ready for some football? Or maybe just the Super Bowl Snacks? Another week done and another round-up of Friday Fab 5 recipes for you today.  Super Bowl is coming up quick so here are 5 fabulous Super Bowl Snacks recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers so be sure to check them out. Hope… [read more]