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Chopped Italian Greased Pig Salad & The Essential James Beard Cookbook

greased pig salad

You might not think of salads for dinner much in the fall, but this hearty Chopped Italian Greased Pig Salad is perfect for this time of the year.  It’s quick and easy and perfect as a main dish.  It’s also great in small portions for a first course.  The recipe is adapted from The Essential… [read more]

Italian Brown Paper Bag Popcorn

italian brown paper bag popcorn

Summer vacation is in full swing here and I’m already trying to think of more ideas to keep my kids busy.  When I told my kids we were going to do a kitchen “experiment” they were very excited.   I had heard from a few people that you could take regular popcorn and microwave it in… [read more]

Sundried Tomato Herb Chicken & Pasta

chicken pasta 17a

Sundried Tomato Herb Chicken & Pasta is a quick and easy dinner for any night!  I recently asked my Snappy Gourmet FACEBOOK friends if they’d like my next recipe to be a cocktail or a chicken entrée, and chicken won by a landslide!  Guess we all like chicken?! But no worries if you’re a cocktail… [read more]