Insane Brownie Chocolate Cake

insane brownie chocolate cake

This Insane Brownie Chocolate Cake is truly INSANE!    We’re talking insanely good!  It is one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had!  Rich, fudgey, and full of chocolate!  It’s like what would happen if a rich chocolate cake and a fudgey brownie had a baby.  If you’re not a chocolate lover (do they really exist?) you might want to look away.   I made this cake for my daughter’s birthday last week.  She wanted lots of chocolate so she was quite the happy child!  This is an easy recipe but maybe not one of my more “snappy” recipes.  This Insane Brownie Chocolate Cake is definitely a great recipe and cake for birthdays, holidays (Christmas or Valentine’s Day would be great!), or any special occasion!  If it was up to me though, I’d say Insane Brownie Chocolate Cake is perfect any day!… [read more]