Friday Fab 5: Summer Dinners

Friday Fab 5: Summer Dinner Recipes | snappygourmet.comNeed some refreshing summer dinner ideas? Here are five easy and delicious SUMMER DINNER RECIPES for you all from some of my favorite bloggers! What’s your favorite summer dinner?… [read more]

Friday Fab 5: Healthy Family Dinners

Friday Fab 5: Healthy Family Dinners | snappy

Trying to start the year off with some healthy recipes? How about 5 healthy family dinner recipes? Links to recipes below.

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Sloppy Burger Grilled Cheese

Sloppy Burger Grilled Cheese Recipe

It’s National Grilled Cheese Month!  Yay!  When I was asked to participate in Kitchen PLAY’s “30 Days of Grilled Cheese” event, sponsored by Land O’ Lakes Deli Cheese I knew I couldn’t say no.  I can’t say no to grilled cheese!!  Not to mention I’m a CHEESE fanatic!!!  Like grilled cheese sandwiches?  Each day in April, a blogger is posting their own grilled cheese recipe so check them all out.  But first, check out my grilled cheese recipe!  This Sloppy Burger Grilled Cheese recipe is when a grilled cheese sandwich, meets a burger, meets a sloppy joe.  A little crazy perhaps, but definitely delicious!!!  … [read more]