Best Turtle Brownies

Best Turtle Brownies Recipe | snappygourmet.comToday I’ve got the BEST Turtle Brownies recipe for you!! You’re not going to be able to eat just one turtle brownie so you may not want to be left alone with these brownies. These rich turtle brownies are fudgy, chunky, and full of pecans, caramel, and chocolate! OMG they are soooo good! They also freeze great, so make a big batch and freeze them for special occasions or unexpected guests.… [read more]

Caramel Apple Bars

Caramel Apple Bars | snappygourmet.comI still seem to be on a bit of a caramel apple addiction lately and this Caramel Apple Bars Recipe is not helping my addiction!  But that’s ok, right?  Hope you enjoyed my Caramel Apple Cheesecaketini cocktail recipe recently because now you have some cookie bars to serve alongside. :)  These Caramel Apple Bars are full of fresh apples, caramel, and oats!  Wish we didn’t eat them all so that I had some to share with you right now!… [read more]

Caramel Nut Pumpkintini

caramel nut pumpkintini

Today I’m helping out a fellow food blogger.  If you haven’t read Donna’s incredible story at Cookistry, check it out.  She’s had a rough couple of months while her husband has been in the hospital.  The food blogging community has been coming together and has been helping her out as much as we can by doing some guest posts for her to post on her blog so she can concentrate and herself and her husband during this difficult time.  … [read more]