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MOO Inc. Giveaway

Don’t you love when something far exceeds your expectations?? I just had a great experience that I wanted to share with you all!  Need some new business cards for your blog, business, personal life, or whatever else?  Enter now to win one of three great prizes!  All you have to do is leave ONE quick comment!

When a few people recently told me about MOO Inc., I didn’t pay much attention.  But then I kept hearing about them more and more, so I decided to give them a try.  I needed some new business cards anyhow and wasn’t completely thrilled with the last set so figured I didn’t have much to lose by trying out a new company.  Since my previous set of cards was from another online printing company (I’m sure you’ve all heard of them, but I won’t mention their name…), my expectations weren’t initially all that high for my new set from MOO Inc.  Once I took a look around their website I fell in love with all the design possibilities.  MOO Inc. has all sorts of cool options for business cards among other products and I quickly got excited about what I could create!  I can’t wait to try out their products besides their awesome business cards including MiniCards, StickerBooks, Greeting Cards and more!!!

The best part about the business cards from MOO Inc. is that you can put images or artwork on your cards!!  You can upload multiple images to have a variety all in the same pack of cards.  A great portfolio to take with you on the go!  My head is already spinning with other ideas way beyond using these business cards for “business”.  They are not only perfect for a wide range of businesses but if you don’t have a business they would be great for personal use.  Put a picture of your family on one side and put all your contact information on the other side.  Great to pass out to the neighbors, teachers, friends, and great if you ever move and have new contact information!  You could also put some of your recipes on these cards with a photo to pass out.  Or maybe you want to make your own “sports” cards with your child’s photo and stats!  So many possibilities!!

Ordering didn’t take long once I figured out which pictures I wanted to include and in a few days I had my cards waiting for me on my doorstep!  I couldn’t believe how fast they came and they far exceeded my expectations!!  I LOVE them!  I LOVE them so much I’m not sure I want to give them out.  I may use them to wallpaper my walls!  :)  What do you think???  Want to win some???



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***Contest has ended.  Thanks for entering!


Prizes were supplied by MOO Inc.  Snappy Gourmet did not receive any free products or compensation.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.




  1. 1

    I’d probably use them for mommy cards, I give out my info 5 times a day, a card would be handy as heck!

  2. 2

    In almost exactly a year, I will be moving and I have no job to move to yet. I will either be job hunting, or starting a business. In either case, things like business cards (although some people say are obsolete) are essential. I’ve also been thinking about starting a blog, so I would have lots of uses for the prize package!

  3. 3
    amy marantino says:

    i would use them as a contact info/reminder for some fund-raising that i do for my favorite charity

  4. 4
    Carole Resnick says:

    I will put one of my prize winning recipes on the card. I even have one picked out

  5. 5

    I just had someone tell me the other day that I should order a set of MOO cards, precisely because I can put pretty pictures of yummy food on them! (The ones I currently have are pretty and pink, but lack the images.) I hand out cards all the time – to interview subjects, at entrepreneurial events, to farmers’ market vendors, to lots of people. Between writing for, the Washtenaw Jewish News, the journal of the Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor, and my own blog, plus all my Facebook, Twitter, email, website information, cards are indispensable if I want people to find me. And, of course, they’re great for putting into bowls at various shops and stores, hoping that yours will get picked for a free coffee or lunch or treat … :)

  6. 6
    Jamie Mesar says:

    My sister is getting married in October and we are making Halloween treat bags. I would use the cards as a mini thank you attached to the bad or a way to distribute their new mailing address

  7. 7

    I’d get them for my hubby’s sawing business…..he doesn’t think its real important & he’s to cheap to go buy some, so this would be a fun way for him to start seeing the importance of them!

  8. 8
    Michele N says:

    I have considered starting a blog so I would possibly use them for that. Or we are heavily involved in our Boy Scout Troop and my oldest is about to get his Eagle, so I might use them to put the Scout Law and include troop info including the new website my son is setting up and hand them out to all of our boys. I’m sure I could come up with lots of other uses too.

  9. 9
    itsrenee says:

    I would use for personal gift use. I often give the same gift, people seem to like. I would use so I don’t have to create on the computer and give the gift a more polished look.

    Or would use for networking. I’m torn.

    Excellent giveaway!! =)

  10. 10
    sue ThomAs says:

    I would use the cards for a real estate appraisal company.

  11. 11
    Lauren Guilbeau says:

    I would use them for my new Mary Kay business!

  12. 12

    I’d use these for gift tags or gift enclosures!

  13. 13

    Awesome! I would use them for my scrapbooking business! I also just ordered some mini cards from Moo with pictures of me and my beau on 100 different cards with 100 different pictures and on the back they say “I love you because” and I like to randomly fill them out and put them somewhere he’ll see them!

  14. 14

    We run a food truck selling pies in Honolulu! We are just getting started and classier business cards would be awesome!

  15. 15

    One of my goals is to start a local baking business this summer…these would be perfect!

  16. 16
    Janine Washle says:

    MOO sounds fantastic especially for those who can benefit from potential customers seeing pictures of their work!

  17. 17
    Danielle Goewert says:

    I do cakes for people it would be great to have them for my customers to have. Plus, they could give them to other who see my cakes:)

  18. 18

    What a wonderful product! I would love to win this to print my new business cards for my brand new home-made goods business that I’m about to start. I can imagine how beautiful the cards will turn out using pictures from my food blog and really get my clients’ (or better, potential clients’) attention. Here’s the link to my blog in case if you’re interested to check it out. ( I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

  19. 19

    What a great giveaway. I have been wanting to make business cards for my blog. I am always getting asked what the website is, and where I can find recipes – would love to be able to carry a few to hand out!

  20. 20

    I would finally have business cards-ha!! I have been meaning to order them and just sent myself a reminder to go check out MOO, so it would be magical to win!

  21. 21
    Becki R says:

    Love this idea and a terrific giveaway! I would use them for an upcoming fundraiset for our small, local, no-kill shelter. Will definitely be checking out their website! Thank you!

  22. 22

    I would use them for my jewelry business I’ve been trying to launch. These cards would come in handy!!

  23. 23
    Ranjeet Kaur says:

    I am a member of Brooklyn College’s chapter of Global Medical Brigades. We travel to rural areas to provide healthcare. This year my school will be going to Zapallal, Panama. I will distribute the business cards to the members of the club and we will use them to fundraise money needed to buy medication and supplies for the communities that we travel to. Winning these business cards would make a great addition to bring awareness to our mission! :)—Panama

  24. 24
    Angela Carballo says:

    I am working on my school library website and this would be great to promote.

  25. 25

    I’m in need of new cards for a new volunteer coordinator position and have been taking photos just for that purpose. Now if I could only get a good photo…

  26. 26

    Getting married this September and I’ve seen other brides use these for escort cards with a photo of the table “name” on the back…how cute is that!? I’d love to use these and try my hand at doing that too!

  27. 27

    I’ll use it for marketing my freelance/side job

  28. 28

    I am reopening my Etsy shop in a few weeks and need new business cards to generate some business!

  29. 29

    I love designing business cards and promoting small companies.

  30. 30

    Thanks—I’d use them as personal info cards in my search for gainful employment!

  31. 31
    Shelley says:

    I use them as personal contact cards for networking!

  32. 32
    Marysol says:

    Id use the cards for my side furniture business. Helping low fund college students or new comers to the state buy the furniture needed for their homes so they can get by :) I was once struggling and know what its like to sleep on a hard floor until I had enough for that thousand dollar bed set!! lol

  33. 33
    Sunnymay says:

    The classic business cards from Moo Inc would be a big step up from the ones I made out of index cards. I cut them down to business card size and hand wrote in green ink the name (My friend brainstormed with me) of my business and contact info. Therapeutic Touch and Reiki are two of my passions which could use a big boost in getting the word out that I’m here to assist with illness, injury and boosting energy.
    As a healer, word of mouth is key and these cards would help a lot.

  34. 34
    Sheila Lumsden says:

    i have always wanted to create things to sell online! would be an awesome way to fund my creative outlet! i am really not sure what i would put on the card…i have drawings, paintings, sculptures, stitching, beading, and more!

  35. 35

    This contest came in perfect timing as I am soon to be a star consultant with Mary Kay. I need cute cards to help promote my business and I love these ones made by moo! Pick me, pick me;). While you are at it browse my site and shop 24/7 for any of you beauty needs:

  36. 36

    I would use these business cards for my new personal chef service business, My Kitchen Kreations To You!

  37. 37
    Allison Luxenberg says:

    I would like to order cards that have a positive and inspirational message on them and I can leave them in checks at restaurants, or hand them out in creative ways to people I encounter. I haven’t thought of the perfect message, but something to make them smile and be happy about.

  38. 38

    I’d use it for my business endeavors.

  39. 39

    I am still a student, and also a starving artist, (not really b/c I waitress on Friday and Saturday nights ;)) but I would use the business cards to promote my artwork and services as an artist! Also I love to bake almost as much as I love to draw and am planning on making those shortbread cookies for my mother’s birthday on Sunday! I’ll have to keep searching for something more chocolatey for the Father’s day gift though :) Thanks snappy gourmet!

  40. 40

    I would love to use them for cards for work :)

  41. 41
    Amy Dalrymple says:

    I would use them for my photography business I recently started!

  42. 42
    Brigette Streeper says:

    I would use these cards for me and my mom’s jewelry wire wrapping business, Teresa Lucas Studio. We have tried to start an art business for about 10 years now. We recently started playing around with jewelry and wire wrapping. We fell in love with the art, and our jewelry is selling very well! Last Christmas, we did a trade-show and sold quite a bit of jewelry. We even had a corporate worker from Mark (from Avon) who bought 50 wire wrapped crystal pendants for her associates! We work hard all year to create unique pieces for our Christmas show. BUT if we had awesome cards to give out, especially to businesses…, we could start making money all year round and our business would be really taking off! I really hope I win, and thanks for such a great giveaway! [email protected]

  43. 43
    tina reynolds says:
  44. 44

    I would use them for my sewing business

  45. 45

    Great giveaway! I could use a new set of business cards since I had my blog design changed. Thanks for the chance.

  46. 46

    My 12 year old son is starting his dog treat business and these cards are exactly what he needs!

  47. 47

    I would like to use these for my jewelry business I have started to help me earn extra money while in school so I can pay for my love of roller derby. My business is called Little Shop of Fury. My roller derby name is Fun Size Fury so it’s a play on my derby name!

  48. 48

    I would use them for my Miche business!!

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  49. 49

    I would use them to advertise my scrapbooking business!!

  50. 50
    paige jagan says:

    I would love these cards for my moms new website

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