College Cocktails: Wolverinetini & Spartantini

College Cocktails: Recipes for U of M Wolverinetini & MSU Spartantini |

University of Michigan Wolverinetini and Michigan State Spartantini, a couple of fun college cocktails (or make them non-alcoholic) for your favorite teams!  If you’re not a Michigan or Michigan State fan, don’t worry.  You can easily make these cocktails for your favorite teams with a few changes so read on for a few ideas.  Hope you Michigan and Michigan State fans enjoy a Wolverinetini and Spartantini for the big football game coming up!

College Cocktails: Worlverinetini & Spartantini Recipes |

After my post/recipe last year for my Go Blue-tini my Michigan State friends started asking for a cocktail.  So this year I have an updated Michigan cocktail, Wolverinetini, and a Michigan State cocktail, Spartantini.  And for my Ohio State fans, how about Mini Buckeye Cheesecakes?  If you are not a fan of any of these schools, don’t worry, I have a few tips for you down below.  For the Wolverinetini and Spartantini I started with DeKuyper Blue Curacao and Sour Apple Pucker.

College Cocktails: Worlverinetini & Spartantini Recipes |

For the “M” for Michigan I sliced a pineapple vertically and cut out a “M” with a small paring knife.  You could also use a cookie cutter (although it may not cut well through the pineapple) or you can print off a “M” and create a stencil.

College Cocktails: Worlverinetini & Spartantini Recipes |

For the “S” I used slices of apple and also used a small paring knife.  You can also use a cookie cutter or stencil.  Try to choose an apple with a lighter/whiter inside.  I used a Fuji apple which worked fine, but I think I would try a different variety next time.  To keep your apple slices from turning brown you can dip them in a little lime juice or sprinkle a little vitamin c powder on them.

College Cocktails: Worlverinetini & Spartantini Recipes |

Now for my other ingredients.  For the Wolverinetini, besides the DeKuyper Blue Curacao, I added some Dole pineapple juice, and Pinnacle Whipped Vodka.  For the Spartantini, besides the DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker,  I added some Ocean Spray White Cranberry Juice, and Pinnacle Blackberry Vodka, and a splash of lime juice.

College Cocktails: Worlverinetini & Spartantini Recipes |

So if you have another favorite team (let’s just pretend that your favorite school is Michigan for me, ok?), you can easily change these drinks and you could easily make a kid friendly version.  Start with your team color for the base of the drink.  There are all sorts of colored liqueurs on the market so start with your team color if you can.  If you can’t find the right color or you want to make a non-alcoholic version you could always add food coloring, fruit juice, soda, or even a little gelatin/Jello mix to your drink for the perfect color.  Add some fruit juice or soda to your drink to bulk it up a little.  For your favorite team, cut out the logo letter or mascot out of fruit or candy.  You could also print off pictures/logos for you team, poke out a couple of holes, and run a straw through it.  So many possibilities!!

College Cocktails: Worlverinetini & Spartantini Recipes |

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College Cocktails: Worlverinetini & Spartantini Recipes |

Wolverinetini & Spartantini
Recipe type: Cocktail/Drink
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Fun team cocktails!
  • 6 tablespoons blue curacao (such as DeKuyper)
  • 4 tablespoons pineapple juice (such as Dole)
  • 2 tablespoons Whipped Vodka (such as Pinnacle)
  • pineapple slice cut out in "M"
  • 6 tablespoons sour apple pucker (such as DeKuyper)
  • 4 tablespoons white cranberry juice (such as Ocean Spray)
  • 2 tablespoons blackberry vodka (such as Pinnacle)
  • splash of lime (optional)
  • apple slice cut out in "S"
  1. Mix cocktail ingredients (except the fruit slices) for each cocktail separately in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain drink into martini glass.
  2. Top Wolverinetini with "M" pineapple slice and Spartantini with "S" apple slice.
SNAPPY TIPS: To make a fun non-alcohol version, substitute the alcohol for blue or green colored fruit juices. SNAPPY SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitute other flavored vodkas such as coconut, orange, pineapple, etc.) (For more recipes visit Snappy Gourmet at to sign up for an email/RSS subscription or visit Snappy Gourmet on Facebook or Twitter.)


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