Easy Almond Flour Muffins

Easy Almond Flour Muffins | snappygourmet.comSo school has been back in session for a while now here, so back to cooking and baking for me! Yay!  These Easy Almond Flour Muffins are what I like to call my “secret weapon” breakfast recipe.  These Easy Almond Flour Muffins really are super quick and easy to make and it also happens to be a gluten-free and dairy-free recipe.  But don’t worry, even if you don’t care about gluten-free and dairy-free,  they are still a great breakfast or snack option.  I make these muffins in big batches, freeze them, then top the muffins with some fruit and I’m full for hours!! … [read more]

Banana-Bacon Cinnamon Roll Roses & FREE E-BOOK

Banana Bacon Cinnamon Roll Roses (@snappygourmet.com)Banana-Bacon Cinnamon Roll Roses full of bacon, banana chips, and brown sugar just in time for Easter!  This is an easy mini cinnamon rolls recipe and it takes no time to turn the cinnamon rolls into roses.  I was going to save this cinnamon roll recipe for Father’s Day but I’m so horrible at keeping secrets that I just had to post the recipe sooner!  And for my email subscribers, a FREE E-BOOK!  Read on for more information.… [read more]

Tropical Mango Muffins

Tropical Mango Muffins | Snappy Gourmet

I’ve been trying to come up with quick and easy breakfast recipes for the kids and I.  Mornings are always so crazy around here!  So I came up with this recipe for Tropical Mango Muffins that I’ve been making in big batches and freezing.  Instead of flour, they use almond flour and also have fresh mango, unsweetened coconut, honey, and lime juice. They are lower carb, gluten-free, and can also be made dairy-free.  The best part is that these muffins will fill you up for hours!!… [read more]