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Valencia Luncheria

valencia luncheria 6a

Don’t you hate it when you’ve been meaning to try a restaurant for  a VERY long time and keep putting it off, then when you try it, you wish you had tried it sooner??!!   That’s’ exactly what happened to me when my family and I tried Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk, Connecticut this past weekend.  Even if you don’t live in Connecticut, you may want to check out Valencia Luncheria’s website, check out their extensive breakfast/lunch/dinner menu, and watch the clip of the restaurant from Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives with Guy Fieri.  They have a lot of fun and interesting things on the menu which makes it fun just to look!  If you’re ever in the Norwalk area I would definitely suggest making a stop!

My birthday was this past weekend, and we had planned to go out to dinner, but a sick child kept us at home that night.  I didn’t want the usual pizza or Chinese and as I was thinking of the possibilities I figured it may be my only opportunity to force my family to try something they probably would not agree to otherwise.  Yep, I’m not embarrassed to say I was going to milk the birthday card as much as I could.  I’ve been meaning to try  Valencia Luncheria since we moved here a couple of years ago, but it just never seemed to be a good time.  I really wanted to try Valencia Luncheria‘s lunch menu and when we called they were really nice and said they do offer their lunch menu at dinner time (just for take-out).  Prices are very reasonable  (especially for this area!) and they have a wide selection of food on their menu including arepas, empanadas, sandwiches, entrees, soups, desserts, etc. I’ve read their menu described as “Venezuelan”, “Venezuelan Beach Food”, “Nuevo Latino”, etc.  Whatever you want to call it, the food was delicious! Unfortunately, the pictures I took do not do the food justice.  I had about 30 seconds to get as many pictures as I could before everyone started grabbing food!!  How quickly they forgot, it was MY birthday!!  :)  So here are a few pictures of what we got…

We tried 4 savory empanadas including the Chicken Tamarillo, Chipotle Pork, Three Cheese, and Ham & Cheese.  The Chicken Tamarillo was definitely our favorite but they were all delicious!

Along with our empanadas, we tried some arepas including the Pernil (Venezuelan pork roast), Butter & Cheese, and the Real Deal (Chorizo & mozzarella).  The Real Deal was our favorite out of this group!

We also got an order of tostones which are fried plantains.  They were huge!

There are a lot of interesting and delicious sounding sandwiches on the menu so we thought we’d try one.  We ordered the Oaxaca Cheese Steak which was ancho seared strip steak, jalapeños, onions, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes.  It was a good size sandwich and yummy!!  The steak was very tender, and the seasonings were great.

You can also get a few sauces with your food including their Guasacaca and Chipotle Sauces.  The Guasacaca sauce tasted a lot of cilantro and vinegar.  The Chipotle sauce reminded me of a spicy barbecue sauce. Both were delicious and great for dipping!

Since it was my birthday we had to get dessert, right??!!  We got two sweet empanadas including one Nutella & Cream Cheese…

and our favorite the Apple & Dulce de Leche!  The Nutella & Cream Cheese had a bit too much of cream cheese for me, but I loved the Apple & Dulche de Leche!

I read some good reviews about the bread pudding and thought we’d give the Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding a try.  Oh my goodness, it was HUGE!  Took me a few days to finish it and it was delicious as well!

Now I’m kicking myself that we didn’t try this restaurant sooner!  We will definitely be getting takeout again from there soon!  Even my husband and kids agreed that we need to make Valencia Luncheria a regular stop!  There is a lot more on the menu we want to try, not to mention, a lot of favorites from this meal we want to get again!  It’s going to take us a long time to get through the menu, and we’re ok with that!




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  1. 1

    That food all looks delicious! I love trying foods outside of the norm! :)

  2. 2

    Looks delicious! I wish I lived near you and we could meet for lunch there. Happy weekend!

  3. 3
    Tara Acton says:

    Lisa – I ate there before my parents moved away and thought it was great. Glad you finally got there. It’s always fun to try the places on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

    • 4
      snappygourmet says:

      Tara, it was quite sad that it took us 2 years to get there!!! If you think of any other restaurants we should try out here, let me know. :)

  4. 5

    Wow, that all looks so good. Clearly I need to come visit! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Lisa.

  5. 6

    Happy Birthday!!! Also love that restaurant! Very yummy and lots to choose from!

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